Insurance advice: Carrying over No Claims Bonus

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Q. I ride a Kawasaki ZX-636 and I have just bought a Honda Bros 400 for commuting. After phoning round for the cheapest quote I got insurance with Westhill Insurance.

About two weeks later I received a letter asking me for proof of my no claims discount (ncd). I explained to them that my 636 was insured with another company and I had sent them my proof of ncd to them.

They then told me I CANNOT use my ncd on more than one bike. Is this true?
Am I going to be forced to pay higher insurance premiums just because I ride more than one bike?

John 'Bushwacker', e-mail
A. I'm afraid that¹s right. You can only apply a no claims discount to a single insurance policy.

That's true in house and car insurance as well, not just bikes. If you have got more than one bike and you use them both regularly there are policies that cater for you.

Norwich Union's Premier bike policy allows you to have up to four bikes on the same policy, with the ncb applying to the bike with the highest rating. It¹s available through brokers.





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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott