Making an insurance claim with no MoT

If you’ve had the misfortune to have to make a claim only to discover that your MOT has lapsed and the insurance company has made the decision that they will not pay the claim unless there is a valid MOT certificate, do not despair.

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An MoT certificate is proof of roadworthiness of a vehicle on that particular day. After all, there would be nothing to stop you going home and swapping as many parts as you like for illegal or unroadworthy items once you had the certificate.

If an Mot-able item like tyres, brakes or headlight had been a factor in the accident, for example, skidding off on bald tyres in the rain, then the insurance company could point to that as a breach of contract and refuse to pay out.

If this isn’t the case you can get the wreck inspected by an independent expert who could prepare a report assigning it a pre-accident value.

If you had the bike serviced by garage they could also write a report supporting your claim.


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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs