Lower your motorcycle insurance with some advanced training

If you want to lower your motorcycle insurance getting some advanced training can pay dividends from day one.

When you’re getting onto two wheels and through your test it’s a major budgeting exercise with the cost of all your kit, lessons, your first bike and then your insurance premium emptying your bank account.

So paying out for some advanced training might seem like an unnecessary expense.

But if you are just starting out you’ll only have one year’s claims discount at best, so your motorcycle insurance premium will almost be at the full whack.

However, if you have an Advanced Test pass for ₤139 from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) you can get a ten per cent discount on the quote with a variety of insurers, according to MCE Insurance.

That could be ₤50-100, depending on your motorbike insurance premium, so it could pay for itself in two years.

If you build up a NCD over a few years that might take the place of the Advanced Test saving, but an added advantage of having an advanced test pass is that if you have to make a claim and lose that discount you can quote your test pass again to get some money off immediately.

You don’t even have to ride a big bike to go on an IAM course either. According to their website http://www.iam.org.uk “motorcycles with an engine capacity that will enable the machine to achieve and sustain national speed limits” can take the test.

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