Motorcycle cover advice: swapping bikes with friends and mistakes in paperwork

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Good motorcycle insurance is essential, but it all has its limits.   

Be very wary swapping bikes with friends when you’re out on a ride even if you both have fully comprehensive motorcycle cover. 

When you do swap you are both on the minimum third party motorcycle cover and if you have the misfortune to crash into each other it can get very messy.

The reason is that third party motorcycle cover indemnifies you against any damage you do to another person or their property through your negligence, but it doesn’t cover the vehicle that does the damage, in this case your bike.

You couldn’t even claim on your own motorcycle cover policy unless you lied and said you were riding the bike which we don’t advise.

However, if you’re the victim and your “friend” won’t settle up although he was negligent while your bike was in his care, you can sue him for your uninsured losses through the small claims court.

You can start your claim online by going to:

Check for mistakes in your cover
When you get all the paperwork to go with your motorcycle cover posted through to you, check the small print very carefully ie agreed value, claims, no claims bonus, and convictions.

That way if you have made a mistake on your cover you can rectify it, and you can also check that the details they’ve added are right.

You have a 14-day cooling off period that allows you to cancel the policy, less any time that you were on risk and an “administration charge”.

Find out what that is when you getting your motorcycle cover sorted out.

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