Computer says ‘no’ when I apply for insurance

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I have been living in France for 13 years, but I am now back in the UK. When I went online to get a quote the process stalled at the question ‘number of years licence held‘ as that is more than 20 years (I passed my test in 1968) but I’d answered ‘2015’ to ‘UK resident since’?
Ron Young, Dorchester

Answered by Chris Dabbs, MCN
This highlights the limitations of some comparison sites. However, our site,, is more user-friendly. I got a quote of £86.48 on your behalf, using as many real details as I had for you from your email. Some insurers will allow an EU bonus and also look at residency, but others may decline to quote on non-residency grounds to exclude riders or drivers not used to our roads, laws and conditions. If you get a ‘computer says no’ situation my advice is to go back to traditional methods and ring around insurance brokers so a human being can assess your situation.

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