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Having come to motorcycling relatively late in life at 44, I am really enjoying the experience. But I’ve just got an 18-month overseas contract with work, coming back to the UK three or four times a year. Can I switch to cheaper insurance while I’m not riding?Frank Austin, email

Answered by Chris Evitt, Carole Nash
If your bike is going to be stored or laid-up for a period of time, then there are policies available that offer fire and theft cover whilst in your garage, with no road use. This was first introduced into the classic bike market, as those machines could be going through a lengthy restoration process, or just be a much-loved bike that’s been owned for years and years with no intention of getting rid of it or putting it on the road.

There are a few laid-up policies out there for more modern bikes, and these are good if you don’t intend to ride your bike for a year or more. However, if you still want to use your bike when you come back, or you are UK-based and simply tuck it away over winter, it probably makes more sense to continue with your Comprehensive/Third Party Fire & Theft/Third Party Only policy.

Having a road policy means you will still build up your No Claims Bonus, which can give you a significant discount on your insurance premiums each year. No Claims Bonus will expire usually after two years (with some insurers it’s three years) if you don’t insure a bike and use the bonus. Motorcycle premiums are already based on seasonal usage and the expectation that you won’t be riding day-in day-out has already been factored into the price.

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