Compare motorcycle insurance: Note all your driving records

When you are using websites to compare motorcycle insurance, you must reveal your full riding and driving record.

So that starts with the date you took your test, and MUST include any offences, whether it's for parking on a zig-zag or a 12-month ban for drink driving.

Most motorcycle insurance companies will accept speeding offences and maybe a small ban, though your policy could be loaded by up to 25 per cent at renewal, another reason to compare insurance, as some insurance companies may be more lenient than others.

If it is a long ban, chances are that when you have finished comparing motorcycle insurance on the web, your quote will be referred to the insurer by the intermediary.

So, a motorcycle insurance comparison site will give you a top four or five, but then you’ll probably have to get onto the phone for more help.

Get an agent to look at your change in circumstances and fight your corner for you.

If you are an existing client and you've got a good insurance record for a few years previously that will go in your favour, as insurance companies like to keep existing customers.


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