Five simple ways to reduce your insurance premiums

Everyone would like to reduce the amount they pay for their motorbike insurance. MCN has dug out five simple ways you can reduce your premium.

Limit your mileage
The average British rider covers 4000 miles a year. Limiting yourself to covering no more than 5000 miles annually is an easy way of reducing your premium with most insurers. Reducing the miles covered on your bike will also help keep the resale values high.

Voluntary excess
Increasing the excess on your policy can dramatically reduce your premium. The downside is that in the event of an accident you will have to cover a larger amount of the costs.

Immobilisers will reduce your premium, but check with your insurer as only some alarms will count. Chaining your bike to a large immobile object, like a lamp post or a tree will stop it disappearing in the night. Storing your bike in a garage will help, but don't expect a discount for keeping your wheels in a shed made out of wood.

No claims bonus
If you are less likely to claim than you will be charged less. A no claims bonus rewards careful riders so it might be worth getting a smaller, less powerful bike for a couple of years while you build up a bonus.

Riders who have had their licence for a long time can be considered lower risk. Over time your insurance premium should go down. Advanced riding courses like IAM, ROSPA and BikeSafe can also reduce your insurance costs with some insurers.

If you are thinking of changing your insurer check out MCN Compare. MCN might be able to save you money on your motorcycle insurance.


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