'I saved £220 with MCN Compare'

Jon Sale from Tunbridge Wells hadn’t been on a bike for 12 years when he bought his new Triumph Street Triple last October, so the 37-year-old was prepared for a pricey insurance quote as he didn’t have any No Claims Discount to his name.

“When the quote came through for £440 for fully comp, I thought that was OK as I’m paying the same for a Vauxhall Astra Sri and I’ve got 4 years NCD on the car.” He said.

But when MCNcompare was launched in the Spring, Jon ran his stats, that include a Thatcham-approved alarm and ground anchor and a locked garage, through the search engine, and was amazed to see it come back with a £220 quote in a few minutes.

“I’d been with the company for five months by then, but that saving was going to more than compensate having to start to build up my no claims again, so I rang them up.

"When I explained that I’d found a cheaper quote and could they match it, and they said no, I asked what refund I’d get, and it was pro-rata, without any cancellation charges or admin fees.

"So I cancelled it, and switched cover that day. Now because I’ve saved that sort of money, I’m thinking of getting a CB1000 for the same cost of cover."