5 tips for cheaper bike insurance

Bike insurance is a necessary evil. But there are ways you can make it less evil, if you follow our tips.

Get advanced training
Advanced training from an established company or group or professional freelance instructor is a great idea simply for your own safety ­- but bike insurance companies often offer significant discounts for riders with advanced training.

See MCN's Rider Training directory, and talk to insurance companies to find out which training will get you cheaper bike insurance.

Buy a new moped or scooter
Bike firms recognise the problems you can have with insuring them – so many offer really good insurance packages on new machines to remove a barrier to purchase.

If you’re considering recent-model second hand bikes, it might be cheaper to buy a new bike with a subsidised deal on insurance through the manufacturer.

Buy insurance online, get a discount
Buying your motorcycle insurance on the net gets rid of the overhead costs of a call centre, so insurance companies often cheapen online policy prices.

You can also get quotes any time of day or night – so for bike buyers leading busy lives it’s often much more convenient too.

Use approved security devices
Bikes are shockingly popular and easy to target for thieves – anything you can do to deny them not only saves you stress, it can also lower your bike insurance.

Alarms and immobilisers are most popular with insurance companies – get a Thatcham approved one -it may help with cheap bike insurance.

Approved locks, chains and ground anchors are the best defence, but they aren’t always recognised by insurance firms.

Shop around for more quotes
Bike insurance is a betting game – firms betting on how much money they need to take in to cover their liabilities and make a healthy profit.

But they don’t have to profit from every new policy taker, just the lazy ones. Let someone who’s too idle to get multiple quotes pay over the odds so you don’t have to.

It’s possible to save £100s or even £1000s on some quotes

Traditionally you’d have to spend hours on the phone repeating your information – but now motorcycle insurance comparison websites like MCN Compare allow you to input your details just once, and quotes are fetched from dozens of different insurers in a flash.

You can save your details too – to retrieve a motorcycle cover quote and buy insurance later, or change personal and bike details.


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