Motorbike insurance: read the small print and choose your excess wisely

Getting the lowest possible quote for your motorbike insurance can sometimes seem like a black art.

But there are some tips that help you bring down the likely cost of your motorcycle insurance, including reading the small print of any proposed motorbike policy.

It might sound obvious, but not everyone does it – let's face it, we're all busy people, and some of us will just accept the first offer of motorcycle insurance for an easy life, so long as the cost isn't offensive.

When you're trawling through the small print, pay special attention to clauses that, on the face of it, look like a bonus, but in reality may turn out to be worthless.

For instance, if the extent of your motorbike trips each year is a 20-mile round trip to work, why would you want full European breakdown cover?

Choose your excess wisely
Making sure you get the cheapest possible motorbike insurance premium is especially pertinent in these times of universal hardship.

But paying special attention to the voluntary excess that you must pay in the case of anything happening to your motorbike will potentially give you a cheap motorbike insurance quote.

Check your offer of motorbike insurance – the higher the voluntary excess figure is, the cheaper your insurance quote will be.

Raise your excess and watch your premiums plummet.

But be warned – don't just quote a ridiculously high figure, because if you do have to make a motorcycle insurance claim you WILL be asked to stump up the excess!


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