Motorbike insurance advice: shop around, watch your mileage and be honest

Looking for cheap motorbike insurance? Well, if you’re reading this on a computer screen, you’re already in the right place.

It used to be the case that insuring your motorbike would take days of calling round insurance brokers and firms to get the best deal, playing one off against the next.

But you can now get really good deals on motorbike insurance by just visiting an insurance comparison website and letting someone else do the searching for you.

Try MCN’s own insurance comparison tool to see how low we can get your motorcycle cover.

Watch your mileage
There are many tricks to getting your motorbike insurance as cheaply as possible.

One way to affect what you’ll be charged for your insurance is how many miles you really do cover on your motorbike each year.

Many firms will ask you what your annual mileage is, or is likely to be, when you’re looking for a new motorcycle insurance quote, so be honest with them.

Admittedly, it can be a little bit tricky if you’re not sure of your annual mileage, but if you really only ever use your bike on sunny Sundays, the motorcycle insurance firm isn’t going to think you’re any less a biker if your mileage is likely to be a couple of thousand miles a year.

After all, the less time you spend on the road, the less likely you are to crash (in the eyes of an bike insurance company, at least).

Be honest
It might sound blindingly obvious, but the cheapest motorbike insurance in the world will turn out to be useless if it comes to light that you lied to get a cheaper quote.

Never be tempted to lie about things like where your motorbike is stored just to get a lower insurance quote.

What happens if they turn up at your house to see the locked, brick-built garage that your bike was stolen from, only to find a rotten wooden shed with no door.

It’s an extreme example, but if your motorcycle insurance claim hinges around a small detail, it’s sod’s law that it will directly relate to a white lie on your initial request for a quote.

Look at it this way: how do you explain your bike being torched in Glasgow when you live in Exeter and only do 200 miles a year?


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