Motorcycle insurance: One call to MCN saved £100s

On 9th December 2009, Simon Ayling was knocked off his motorcycle by a third party who failed to stop. He made a claim under his fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy but four months later he still hadn’t received any payment.

He emailed the Claims Department advising that he wished to make a formal complaint, which prompted a phone call on the 29th April.

He was advised on this call that the money would be released and paid by BACS into an account he then nominated - but six clear business days later he still hadn’t received the funds into his bank account.   

“I reiterated that I was upset with the length of time the whole process had taken up to that point and that I wanted to continue with the formal complaint, but I was yet to receive any acknowledgement of the complaint having been made or received.

“So I had no money, effectively no bike, no acknowledgement of my desire to complain and little satisfaction.”

When we spoke to Simon we suggested he contact the Financial Services Ombudsman with his complaint explaining that he wanted apologies and recognition of unacceptable delays.

“The Ombudsman got in touch with Lloyds and advised me I should clarify what I wanted from Equity. Before I could do that, I got a letter from Lloyd’s advising they had seen a referral from the Ombudsman.

"And before I got a chance to write to Lloyd’s and the insurer, the touchy-feely people at the insurer (obviously not the Claims Department) sent me a letter of apology, recognising unacceptable delays and promising to require better of their salvage agents.

"Further, they offered to waive and refund the policy excess, resulting in me today paying in a cheque for £250. Sweet!

“So, not only did MCN save me dosh on my insurance when I used MCNcompare, but your nudge to contact the Ombudsman got me another £250! And, to top it all, some ambulance chaser contacted me about a fortnight ago and will be taking my personal injuries/loss of earnings issues up with the Motor Insurers Bureau.”



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