Motorcycle cover: MCN Compare worked for me

Ian Llewellyn from Doncaster passed his test in 1995, but he didn’t actually get his first big bike until 2008.

“After I got divorced, I went for a Suzuki Bandit 1200. Everyone was saying you can’t have a 1200 as a first bike. But I said that it’s up to me how much I open the throttle.

"The fact is getting on a bike makes me feel like a 17-year-old, but with the wisdom of my 45 years, so I was more than happy with my choice.”

“I’d been with the same insurance company since getting back into biking, and each year I had to chase around getting rival quotes to see if I was still getting a good deal. If not, they’d match it but it was a pain to do.

“In 2009 I went on the web and found e-bike who gave me a good price. But when I wanted to change to my Yamaha XJR1300 towards the end of the policy, they were pretty unhelpful and then when I decided to get a Honda CB1300 they wanted £100 more.

“At that point I went on to MCNcompare and got Fully Comp cover including Europeanor £150 less. So it worked for me.”


RS10 SM10 TE10