Motorcycle cover advice : Check the excess and the effect of garages on premiums

Check the Excess
Even comprehensive motorcycle insurance cover will have some restrictions to it.

The most important one is the level of excess, which is the amount you will have to contribute in the event of a claim on your motorbike cover.

This is usually about £250, but you can adjust it when you are getting a quote.

Generally the cheaper the premium when you get a quote for motorcycle cover, the higher the excess you are willing to take.

Garages mean cheaper premiums
The premium for your motorcycle cover will always be lower if you can garage the bike at home.

Some insurers will not cover ungaraged motorcycles and some will charge an extra percentage on top. You cannot really give price comparisons on this, as the type of motorcycle you own and where you live will be key factors in your motorcycle cover.

If you don’t have a garage at home, but can rent one within a mile of your home this can help bring the cost of your motorcycle cover down a great deal.

Just make sure you tell the bike insurance company that the motorcycle is garaged, but away from the home address.


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