Save on insurance with MCN Compare

After being with Devitts insurance for three years, insuring his Blackbird with them on a fully comp policy, Kevin Nash decided to change to a Kawasaki ZZR1400.

“I pay my policy in full every year and it had cost me £225 six months ago. When I phoned Devitts and told them about the change of bike, they quoted me £457.35, on top of the £225 I’d already paid, so I thought I’d not be able to get the ZZR.” He said. 

“When I went onto the MCNcompare site, I got an online quote through CIA insurance for £329 fully comp. Then my phone rang and it was CIA discounting it further to £289.54. Bargain.

“I now have my ZZR1400 and got a £120 refund from Devitts, so really it cost me £189 for the year on a stupendously fast missile. It just goes to show it pays to shop around. Thanks MCN, and thanks CIA.”