Motorcycle Insurance: get organised and save money

You will get the best possible deal on the Great Premium Hunt if you are prepared like a good Boy Scout.

Start by looking at yourself and honestly analyse your riding profile and insurance needs. Can you afford fully-comp? Are you going abroad this year? Have you/can you get secure storage for the bike?

All insurance companies, brokers and comparison sites require similar information and approximate answers aren’t an option, so save time and money and jot down the answers to the following:


  • The date you passed your bike test
  • Proof of No Claims Discount
  • Any convictions pending, or on your licence? What and when?


  • Third Party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive?
  • How much did you pay last year?
  • When do you want cover to start?
  • Level of Excess you are willing to accept
  • Do you want NCD protection?
  • Legal cover required?
  • Kit insurance? Nail down the value of your kit from boots to lid
  • Are you going to go on a touring holiday overseas (within the EU)
  • Do you rely on your bike as your primary transport, so you could need a courtesy bike


  • Home address, and if different, garaging address for your bike
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Annual mileage. Just pleasure, or to include commuting or business use?


  • Make, model and year of motorcycle, its mileage and your accurate estimate of the value of your bike
  • Any accessories fitted and their value
  • Modifications; a race can, tuned engine, flash paintjob
  • What security you have to protect your bike like an alarm and immobiliser or lock and chain



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