Insurance advice: Claim as soon as you can

MCN expert Chris Dabbs is here to answer any questions you have on anything bike related.

Q. I hit a car pulling out on me a couple of months ago, but my bike looked completely straight so I didn’t bother making a claim.

But I’ve just taken it for a service and found that the damage was worse than it looked. How long after an accident can I claim?

Steve Silver, Aberdeen

A. If you are claiming off your own insurance you must do as soon as possible. But I am hoping you got the driver’s details at the time of the accident, so you can claim off the third party portion of his insurance policy.

In which case, you have three years for personal injury and six years for property damage.

They will send out an assessor to value the damage caused by the prang, but get the garage to prepare a report for you to make sure they don’t miss anything.

It’s always best to get your bike checked over by a qualified mechanic after any kind of an accident.

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