What to do if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver

Paul Fuller had a crash last week: “I was riding my bike along the high street when a car coming in the opposite direction suddenly turned right immediately in front of me.

"I braked hard, but my bike collided with the car, and I was thrown down the road and broke my leg.

"Thankfully the car driver told me that he just didn’t see me and admitted liability.

"The problem is that he moved house three months ago and forgot to tell his insurance broker his new address. So when he phoned them to get a claim form, they told him that as he didn’t respond to their renewal notice he was uninsured."

MCN's Insurance Advice
Although he may well pick up some penalty points and a fine for being uninsured, provided the guilty motorist is insured, he will still be able to claim from the third party’s insurers for his injuries and all his provable losses.

As he probably doesn’t have legal expenses cover he needs to appoint a specialist solicitor without delay and get claiming.


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