Is there enough evidence for a claim?

Andrew Beasley from Reading had only owned his R1 for a couple of months when he got taken out by some “tw*t” pulling out on him.

The bike ended up as a category B write-off, so he couldn’t put it back on the road, but he did get paid out on that quite quickly.

The problem was his injuries, with a badly dislocated thumb and a broken metatarsal in the same hand, which meant he had to take eight weeks off work.

Andrew needed some money to pay the mortgage and feed the family, so he pressured his solicitor into chasing an interim payment as he’d only had three weeks money since Christmas,

But what really got his goat was that the Police hadn’t done anything other than take statements from him and the driver, when the driver admitted liability.

He thought they should have charged the driver and was worried that the lack of a charge would affect his case.

Thankfully, the Crown Prosecution’s decision whether or not to prosecute doesn’t impact on an insurance claim, especially where liability has been admitted.


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