What to do if you’re knocked off on a roundabout

Q. I was travelling along the A505 in Hertfordshire last May, on one of the roundabouts.  I was in the nearside lane and wanted to take the second exit.

I indicated having passed the first exit and as I was pulling off the roundabout  a car came from my left from the first exit and side-swiped me.

My leg was fractured and my bike was a write-off. My solicitor says I have a good case and an offer has been made to the motorist's insurers, but they haven't responded. 

What should be the next step?
David Curry, Luton

A. If you are established on a roundabout you have right of way and other vehicles should give way to you.

If a car enters from another point and sideswipes you, you will have a very good case and the motorist’s insurers should be accepting liability in full.

If they are dragging their feet, get onto your solicitor and chivvy him along to keep writing to them. If an offer isn’t accepted within 21 days, the court rules say you can begin county court proceedings against the other party.

At that point, the motorist’s insurers would instruct their own solicitors, though usually such cases settle without the need to go to court.


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