Motorcycle insurance advice: bike recovery and disclosing offences

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Your motorcycle insurance comparison has led you to a good firm that has given you fully comprehensive cover for a very reasonable price.

Unfortunately, three months in and your bike is stolen, but the police find it and contact you to pick it up. Don’t rush in, otherwise the police might use an expensive recovery firm and try and hit you for the bill.

Instead, phone your insurance company to get an accredited recovery company to do the job, and maybe check the bike over before it’s returned to you.

There is often a standardized fee from recovery firms, but if they have an ongoing contract with the insurer, or the insurer feels generous, they will often stand the cost themselves.

So, it’s a good question to ask when you are making your motorcycle insurance comparison.

Disclosing any offences
Another condition of insurance when you are using websites for motorcycle insurance comparison, is that you must disclose any offence, whether it's for parking on a zig-zag or a 12-month ban.

Most companies will accept speeding offences and maybe a small ban, though your policy could be loaded by up to 25 per cent at renewal.

If it is a long ban then you will be referred to the insurer by the intermediary. So, a motorcycle insurance comparison site will give you a top four or five, but then you’ll probably have to get onto the phone for more help.

Get an agent to look at your change in circumstances and fight your corner for you. If you are an existing client and you've got a good insurance record for a few years that will go in your favour.

Good security: a garage, Thatcham-approved lock, ground anchor and alarm will also help. Don't think you can lie about this because if you do claim an assessor will be there in hours and he'll cross-check the details.

It's no good keeping quiet about an offence either because insurers will demand a copy of your licence before processing any claim.

Your car insurance could also be affected as you only have one licence. But like bike cover, if you already have a named user on the policy and they are as "qualified" in terms of age and experience as you are, then they could become the main user and ensure your cover continues while you are off the road.


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