Do I need to lock my bike up?

Q. My FJR and the wife’s Thundercat are parked on our drive. There’s little crime in our rural area, but we do have them locked up using two locks and chains. However, reading through the insurance documents I have found out that if the bikes are stolen and these devices aren’t fitted, then we are not covered.

Does this mean we have to carry them around with us at all times, even if we park in a secure car park, or does this relate to where they are parked at night? What if we had ground anchors at home; do we need to dig them up and refit them at each new location that we park at?
Neil Dudley, Wrexham

A. Any insurance policy has been drafted in contract form by specialist lawyers and it should be quite clear what the terms and conditions or ‘endorsements’ are, even if they are on page 7, clause 15a.

As the locks and chains are portable devices it may well be a condition of cover that they are used every time you park up and leave your bikes. The extra security effort by you should have been reflected in a reduction of your premium.