Buying advice: Suzuki insurance and running costs

If you're thinking about buying a Suzuki then there's a couple of things you should know before you spend your cash.

The bike itself maybe a bargain, but things like insurance and running costs could be expensive, and they're often overlooked.

Here, MCN gives you the low down on some of the top Suzukis.

Suzuki Bandit 1250

Insurance group: 13

Quality and reliability: The old 1200 Bandit has a reputation for extreme reliability. The redline has dropped 1000rpm and a sixth gear has been added, there’s no danger the new GSF1250's motor will be stressed.

MCN overall verdict: Suzuki have created a 98cc bigger, 1255cc water-cooled, fuel-injected, tourque-laden peach of an engine. The frame and suspension have been upgraded to give a well-mannered mileage machine.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Insurance group: 17

Quality and reliability: The quality of finish is top shelf, paint is deep, much improved over the original Hayabusa. Being a Hayabusa reliability is unquestionable.

MCN overall verdict: The new Suzuki Hayabusa looks really sleek. Engine capacity has increased and so has power and torque.

Suzuki DR-Z400SM

Insurance group: 9

Quality and reliability: Reliability on the whole is excellent and the DR-Z400S makes a pretty fair case for itself as an unburstable, unbreakable tool.

MCN overall verdict: The DR-Z400SM is tough, durable, simple to service and spares are cheap and plentiful.

Suzuki GSX-R750

Insurance group: 16

Quality and reliability: Suzuki motors tend to be bullet-proof and although the K8 Suzuki GSX-R750 isn’t yet old enough to have passed the test of time, you can be pretty sure it will handle years of screaming abuse. Avoid winter.

MCN overall verdict: With only minor tweaks for this year and a facelift, the 175mph K8 is now the smoothest and most refined GSX-R750 ever. The GSX-R750 is still the perfect all-round sportsbike, user-friendly, fast and fun.

Suzuki SV650

Insurance group: 9

Quality and reliability: Build quality of the Suzuki SV650 is fair but expect some corrosion and furring of alloy surfaces if you ride through winter. Reliability is good thanks to the SV650's fuss-free chassis and a fairly routine but gloriously under-stressed engine.

MCN overall verdict: The SV650 is versatile, affordable, a doddle to ride (making it popular with inexperienced riders) and yet is a hoot to muck about on - or even to race.