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Motorcycle insurance costs are an important consideration for any bike buyer. That's why MCN is highlighting some of the best cheap-to-insure motorcycles out there. Here we have the Honda CBF1000.

Insurance group: 14
Used price: £3,125 - £5,999
Engine: 16v 998cc transverse four, 6 gears
Power: 96.5bhp
Top speed: 145mph
Weight: 220kg  

The Honda CBF1000 is one of the unsung heroes of modern motorcycling. The ingredients are spot on - detuned Fireblade engine, easy handling and great ergonomics. It adds up to a bike thats fun to ride, unintimidating and a genuine all-rounder.

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But as one of the MCN road testers put it: "Nice legs, just a shame about the boat race." It's such a shame that the CBF1000's styling is so dull, but if you can over-look that you're on to a winner.

The handling is smooth and silky. Bikes just don't get much more comfortable for riding big distances. Despite budget suspension, steering is very precise with a quality feel.

The powerplant is from the Honda Fireblade, but its been de-tuned for more midrange at the expense of some top end whoosh. The result is great. The CBF is flexible and unintimidating enough for novice riders, but quick enough for 140mph at the same time.

For your money you get an adjustable seat and levers and a decent half-fairing. ABS and luggage are available as extra so look out for those. The blade motor is bulletproof and the same goes for Honda build-quality. Check for camchain rattle as it's quite common, but getting a new tensioner is not a big or expensive job.

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