Cheap motorbike insurance - three alternative tips

There’s so much information out there that it can be hard to track down cheap motorbike insurance.

Going on-line has made the process a lot easier when it comes to looking at the offers. Once you have covered all the obvious bases to improve your quote, what else can you do?

Tip 1 - Move
Your motorbike insurance is affected by where you live, so why not consider moving house as a route to cheap motorbike insurance?

Tip 2 - Marry
Alternatively, you could bring your insurance premium down by simply getting married. Apparently, this makes you more responsible.

Tip 3 - Wait
If marriage seems a bit of a step too far, then how about not buying a bike until you hit 40? Your age has a big part to play in how cheap your motorbike insurance premium is likely to be.

Of course, you could always take the alternative – and slightly less off-the-wall – route of getting a low-value, low insurance group bike for a few years and building up some no claims bonus