Motorcycle insurance bargains: Honda CG125

Motorcycle insurance costs are an important consideration for any bike buyer. That's why MCN is highlighting some of the best cheap-to-insure motorcycles out there. This time it's the Honda CG125.                       

Insurance group: 3
Engine: 124cc 2v, single, 5 gears
Power: 11bhp
Top speed: 65mph
Weight: 114kg                  

How can you argue with ten million commuters worldwide, still pootling to work in mucky overalls, some thirty years after the Honda CG125 was launched? The Honda CG125 goes, it stops, it goes again the next day - simple as that. Plus it's only group 3 to insure.                                

The Honda CG125 motor plods on remarkably well, often with very little maintenance. In fact you could probably run the thing on turnip juice for 1000 miles without it suffering engine failure. The later 2004 onwards Honda CG125s have a vastly improved gearbox and slightly more power, but not much.   

The layout on the older Honda CG125 brought new depth to the word `basic.' Later Honda CG125 models have a much better saddle, mirrors, disc rather than drum front brake, plus a five speed gearbox instead of just four speeds.

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