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A brand that has its roots firmly in competition off-road motorcycles, KTM has only recently moved into road bikes, and with great success.

The Austrian brand has gained a loyal fanbase for its road bikes, which blend competition heritage with edgy styling.

When it comes to picking your next bike, don't forget to include motorcycle insurance in the things to look at before you spend your cash.

We've picked out five KTMs which would make a good choice when it comes to keeping an eye on your insurance insurance costs compard to the competition. They include everything from a funky learner legal bike, to a do-it-all adventure bike.

KTM 125 Duke, insurance group 7

If you’re looking to get your license, learn to lift either wheel or pursue some lightweight urban thrills, the 125 Duke can do it for you. It doesn’t seem like a budget 125; It feels like a premium motorcycle that just-so-happens to be low capacity.

The riding position is comfortable, yet poised and cornering – thanks to the big bike ergonomics but small bike weight – is nimble and swift.

KTM 690SM, insurance group 11

The KTM 690SM is simply put the best road going Supermoto bike currently available. Ok it’s not really for competition use but as road going Supermoto bikes go the new KTM 690 is king.

The engine is a peach feels very unlike a single-cylinder, with minimum vibration and a huge spread of power. It turns really quickly due to the wide bars and very light steering. Even as speed its stable and the suspension gives great feedback.

KTM 990 Adventure, insurance group 12

If you're off on an adventure, then this has to be your number one choice of motorcycle. The most off-road biased of the big adventure bikes, the 990 and 990R will traverse anything you care to throw in their path.

The V-twin engine provides plenty of grunt for back lane fun and despite its size the big KTM handles well, especially on ill-maintained roads.

KTM Super Duke, insurance group 15

If all of life were like a KTM Super Duke it would be a short, barely glimpsed blur of action-packed vignettes. There is surely nothing more frenetic on two-wheels than the KTM 990 Super Duke short of sticking a nitrous kit, a jet turbine and a flame-thrower into the frame of a fold-up bicycle.

The handling is impressive, with the WP suspension getting the Super Duke to the apex fast and keeping the tyres firmly planted.

KTM 690 Duke, insurance group 11

With the 2012 Duke KTM made a bike that can give an experienced rider the thrill they are looking for whilst being a more usable package with a broader appeal to a wider spectrum of riders than the previous version. The Duke is spot on for commuting and hammering down twisty country roads

The single-cylinder is seriously impressive, making just short of 70bhp and the light weight of just 150kg means the Duke feels more like a BMX than a motorcycle.

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