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Aprilia was founded immediately after the Second World War in 1945, initially manufacturing bicycles before beginning construction of a range of 50cc motorcycles in 1968.

Aprilia have stayed true to the companies roots by continuing to produce a range of low capacity scooters and motorcycles that are cheap to both maintain and insure, alongside performance oriented motorcycles ranging from the technological tour de force that is the RSV4 to the naked Tuono.

When it comes to picking your next bike, don't forget to include motorcycle insurance in the things to look at before you spend your cash.

We've picked out five Aprilias which would make a good choice when it comes to performance and insurance costs. And they include everything from a 250cc two-stroke GP replica to an automatic tourer.

Aprilia Pegaso Factory, insurance group 9

The special 'Factory' version of Aprilia’s fuel-injected 660cc single-cylinder Pegaso is a true gem. With its chunky new radial front brake, lightweight spoked rims, a smattering of carbon fibre and finished to look like its big brother Tuono or RSV Factory, the Aprilia Pegaso Factory oozes Italian cool and style. And it's cheap.

It’s one of those motorcycles you can’t wait to get back on, even after a long ride. Around town the Aprilia is nimble, roomy, comfortable and user-friendly.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, insurance group 11

The Aprilia Dorsoduro may not be as radical as the competition or Aprilia’s marketing department would let us believe, however this does make it easy to ride, not intimidating, making the Dorsa a fun, real world, big capacity supermoto.

Power is smooth and progressive, while the relative lightness and supermoto riding position lets you really throw the bike around.

Aprilia Mana GT, insurance group 13

The Mana GT ABS is a clever bike and so much more than a big scooter cressed as a motorcycle. You could be forgiven for thinking the Mana GT is a bit dull, but on the road it's a fantastic bike that really makes sense.

The engine uses a continuously variable transmission, but also has three auto modes; touring, sport and rain, to suit your mood. The engine perfectly suits the effortless riding style the transmission allows, making it an incredibly relaxed and easy bike to ride.

Aprilia RS250, insurance group 12

The Aprilia RS250 is unfortunately the last of a dead breed of high-performance, sharp-handling GP replica two-strokes, but it's by far the best of the lot. The V-twin engine from the Suzuki RGV250 makes you work for your reward, but at 10,500rpm, nothing else rewards like it.

Handling-wise the chassis remains unfazed no matter how far you lean it over, making it one of if not the best handling bike on the road.

Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200, insurance group 13

The bigger Dorsoduro is powered by an all-new V-twin motor making an impressive 130bhp at the crank - plenty of power right the way through the rev range for squirting out of hairpins. It’s a more long-distance machine than a wild, B-road big supermoto scratcher. Fit better wind-protection and some storage and it would make a fun tourer.

Unlike some feisty supermotos, the Dorsoduro 1200 is nice and stable on fast, bumpy terrain and the ride quality is good.

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