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The iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer transformed its fortunes in the early 90’s with the launch of two of its most successful and enduring models - the 916, which set a new benchmark for motorcycle design, and the Monster, which reinvigorated the naked streetbike class.

The Monster 600 provided motorcyclists with an accessible, insurance-friendly way in to Ducati ownership.

When it comes to picking your next bike, don't forget to include motorcycle insurance in the things to look at before you spend your cash.

We've picked out a handful of Ducatis which would make a good choice when it comes to performance and insurance costs. And they include everything from an aesthetically-challenged adventure bike to a sharp track tool.

Ducati Monster 796, insurance group 11

The Monster 796 slots nicely between the first-timer Monster 696 and the more powerful Monster 1100 and it's one of biking’s easy-to-net pleasures. It’s not under or overpowered, definitely not expensive to buy or maintain, easy to ride and a looker to boot.

A rolling mist of torque stretches across the rev range and is topped with an acceptable level of horsepower that won’t scare freshly licenced riders, or bore veterans of 130bhp and more.

Ducati Multistrada 620, insurance group 11

The looks are an acquired taste and it’s not got a whole lot up top in the power department but the Ducati Mulitstrada 620 is a good, practical first big motorcycle. A bit more oomph and a bigger tank would have made it even more so.

The Ducati Multistrada has a low(ish), comfy seat, wide bars and effective screen combined with good brakes and handling, which makes for an enjoyable ride.

Ducati 749, insurance group 15

Preferred by some to the Ducati 999, and for good reason. The Ducati 749 is a cheaper motorcycle new or used, plus the smaller engine makes just the right amount of power for the chassis in certain road riding situations.

The Ducati 749 has a kind of balance, an addictive precision, in its steering, acceleration and braking that makes it a machine that surprises riders with its understated ability.

Ducati Monster 1100S, insurance group 14

If it’s a pleasurable, no-nonsense, quality and stylish ride you’re after, this is it. Possibly the best air-cooled Monster ever.

Being an air-cooled engine, the Ducati Monster 1100's peak power of only 95bhp doesn’t come into the equation, but the way the V-twin delivers the power is a seamless, grunty character-laden joy. Claimed torque of 79ftlb makes the short burst of performance in each gear very satisfying, and deceptively fast.


Ducati 900SS, insurance group 14

If you want old school charm, a great twin cylinder sound track, stunning looks and handling to surprise the odd modern motorcycle the Ducati 900SS is worth a look.

On paper it’s the Ducati 900SS is a loser. In the real world the low down torque is pretty effective and modern motorcycles only pull away when revved hard. Hard suspension and taught frame means the 900SS can roll in and out of bends surprisingly well. It’s not as nimble as modern motorcycles but the Ducati 900SS is a delight to ride.

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