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Since their birth in 1954 Kawasaki bikes have grown a loyal fanbase, thanks to their distinctive colours and their excellent bikes.

Kawasaki offer everything from learner-legal 125s to top of the range superbikes capable of 186mph. Whatever your choice, MCN Compare will give you Kawasaki bike insurance quotes in minutes.

Kawasaki Versys insurance group 9

Despite the fact the Versys is essentially an ER-6 with a more upright riding position it’s one insurance group lower. If you ride long distances it’d make a lot of sense to choose the Versys over the ER-6.

Key facts

• Insurance group 9
• Cheaper than similar ER-6
• All day comfort

Comfortable, grunty and surprisingly good fun, the Versys is all you could want from a small capacity commuter bike and then some.

Other insurance bargains from Kawasaki...

Kawasaki KR-1S, insurance group 10
Another bike that seems to be in a lower insurance group than you’d expect. For the same insurance group as an ER-6 you get a much more visceral bike that handles ridiculously well.

Kawasaki GPZ500S, insurance group 8
Knocking on a bit now but still a surprisingly capable bike. Two insurance groups lower than it’s modern day equivalent the ER-6 so much cheaper to insure but just as much fun and as easy to ride.

Kawasaki ER-6n, insurance group 10
One group higher than the similar Versys but still a bargain. A great first big bike that’s surprisingly good fun for more experienced riders also.

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