Long term update: Can I ride further for less?

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Like Christopher Columbus discovering the Americas, my discovery of an ‘Eco’ riding mode on the GTR was an accident – albeit one that took over 2000 miles to discover. A quick flick through the inch-thick owners manual gave no clue as to the mode’s intended purpose or how it would impact the power delivery.

Holding the meter mode button, which usually cycles through the info displayed on the dash, engages what is officially called Fuel Economy Assistance Mode. This changes the GTR to a less responsive and leaner fuel map, which prioritises economy engine response. It’s worth noting this mode only works under 6000rpm and up to 30% throttle opening.

But does it actually make any difference? To test it out I brimmed the tank and rode 80 miles up the nearby A1 and back again – twice. The first time I rode without Eco mode engaged, sticking below 80mph and making all my throttle movements as smooth and precise as I could. Returning to the same petrol station with the trip reading 85.8 miles, the GTR took on 6.90 litres of fuel. That equates to 56.63mpg, which isn’t bad for a steady motorway run.

With the bike brimmed again, and the same petrol station attendant looking slightly bemused, it was time to repeat the run with Eco mode on. There’s not a huge amount of difference in power delivery with Eco mode on, but it does feel less enthusiastic and a little lazier. 

Instantly the estimated range that’s displayed on the dash shot up to 290 miles, a much bigger number than it’s ever displayed before. Despite riding the exact same route, the trip reads 85.7 miles when I return to the petrol station. This time the GTR takes 6.32 litres of fuel, 0.58 litres less than in standard mode, which works out at 61.64mpg – quite an improvement over the first run.

In terms of distance, that means I could theoretically get 300 miles from just one tank of fuel. The most I’ve managed to get out of a tank so far, without using Eco mode is 232 miles. I’ll be using it on my occasional rides back up to Yorkshire.

Eco mode off

Cost for 85.8 miles: £8.21
Price per mile: 9.6p
MPG: 56.63
Theoretical range: 274 miles

Eco mode on

Cost for 85.7 miles: £7.52
Price per mile: 8.7p
MPG: 61.64
Theoretical range: 299 miles

Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer