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As someone who grew up when Sony Walkmans were the most technologically advanced piece of kit you could wish for, I’m a bit of a technophobe – so the dash on my Triumph Street Triple Rx is very advanced for me.

When I wrote my first report I was trying to calculate how many miles I’d be able to squeeze out of a tank of fuel and was rather playing it by ear – scribbling mileages on petrol station receipts and doing sums on the back of an envelope. Having read my report, MCN reader Lee Watkeys kindly got in touch to advise that there’s a ‘miles to empty’ reading on the Triumph’s onboard computer.

Armed with this knowledge and the owner’s manual in hand, I set about working out what other little pearls of wisdom are hidden in the digital dash. On digging a little further, I’ve found that there is a lap timer, which won’t be much use on my day-to-day journeys, but I am taking part in a trackday later in the year at Folembray with Rapid Training (www.rapidtraining.co.uk). It might be a good way to see how I progress during my weekend on track, not for setting any lap records, just for my own curiosity.

The blue gear change indicator lights are currently set to come on at about 10,000rpm so I’ve only lit them a few times as I tend to change up sooner than this. I’m going to adjust the lights down a little but do I really want to rely on the bike to tell me when to change gear? I’d rather use my own initiative. 

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