MCN Fleet: In control of the Supersport S

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Having passed the 1000-mile mark a short while ago, a few things have struck me about the consistently brilliant Ducati Supersport S.

The switchgear is just a bit… well, odd. Hit the cancel indicator button and the engine modes flash for a few seconds before going off. And the flash button is so sensitive that a finger wafted anyway vaguely near it sends a flash of light into the face of oncoming vehicles.


And it annoys me (slightly) that you can only scroll through the left hand or the right hand menu on the same switch. Flick it down and you operate the right-hand menu, flick it up and you’re in the left-hand menu – which means you can’t scroll forward and back. So accidentally flick past the reading you want and you have to scroll all the way through again to find the function you want.

I’ve also recently discovered exactly how many miles it will do on a full tank – by running out! I was limping to a garage, so only had to push the last half-mile, but I was slightly disappointed that I only had 147 miles showing on trip two. I only had myself to blame as the rarely-accurate (on most bike) Range indicator had been showing 0 for four miles. But for a bike with top touring potential, I’d hoped for a little more to the tank.

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Andy Calton

By Andy Calton

Motorcycling content director and Suzuki Katana rider