MCN Fleet: Oil change for the 2002 Fireblade

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An engine oil and filter change for the 2002 Fireblade had been on the cards since I bought the bike a few months ago but shamefully I’ve only just got around to doing it.


I always prefer to use an OE make oil filter over pattern items (I’m sceptical of filters that claim to be more efficient than OE items) and usually order a new sump plug bolt and washer too. David Silver Spares is brilliant for both genuine and pattern Honda parts and delivery is usually 48 hours. For the small cost of a genuine sump bolt (£3.25 for the Blade) it’s not worth re-using the old one.

An oil change is such a simple task on a 954 Fireblade but a very satisfying one. With the fairing lowers removed the drain bolt and filter are easily accessible. The oil filter is tight to the header pipes so it’s not possible to slide on a socket style remover without removing them. Luckity a chain wrench can be looped around the filter from the left and easily unscrewed. With the new oil filter screwed on hand tight (not forgetting to smear a film of clean oil on the O-ring) and the new drain bolt torqued to the specified 22ft-lb, three litres of 10-40w Castrol Power RS was added and bike warmed up before final topping up.

The workshop manual claims that filter change takes 3.7 litres of oil but underfilling and then topping up after the bike has been running ensures you don’t overfill.

Next job is a plugs and air filter change… 

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Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

Former MCN Managing Editor (Digital & Events)