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I’m still one month away from R6 ownership as Yamaha’s all-new YZF-R6 was only launched to the world two weeks ago.However, I was lucky enough to spend a day testing the new R6 in Almeria, Spain so I’ve already got an idea of what to expect, at least on track anyway. 

The ABS brakes are a step forward over the old bike, with improved stability. The new 43mm forks offer excellent feel and give you the confidence to break late and deep into corners. It’s agility and accuracy on track is first class, it hits every apex with ease.  

We only got the opportunity to ride the new Yamaha on a smooth race track; I can’t wait to find out how it will perform on the road. The larger, taller screen should make it a little more comfortable for longer journeys, but I’ve no idea how the suspension will perform on the road. We also need to dyno and speed test the R6, which means we’ll have a benchmark before we modify my bike.


Whist in Almeria I got the opportunity to ride the race-kitted R6 with an electronics kit borrowed from World Supersport, with up and down quick-shifter and a gorgeous sounding full titanium Akrapovic exhaust. Yamaha wanted to show us what could be achieved without Euro4 and the result is stunning, the best R6 to date. I hope to carry out the same transformation on my long-term R6.

I cover around 15,000 miles a year which means my R6 is going to get a proper workout. It’s going to be interesting to see how this year unfolds. What is it going to be like living with a bike which makes its peak power at 14,500rpm? How much difference will the modifications make? I can’t wait.


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Adam Child

By Adam Child

Former MCN Road Tester with 15 years road testing experience on all kinds of bikes