Grdian phone app reports our accident

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It’s not a new concept to have your smartphone looking out for you in the event of an accident, but this one promises new levels of care in case something goes wrong while you’re out for a ride.

The Grdian app uses the phone’s built-in sensors to detect when you’ve been in an accident. If it thinks you have, the app alerts a staff member at Grdian’s call centre and they contact you on your phone.

You tell them whether you need help, assuming you can. If you can’t, the staff alert the emergency services and give them your location.

This kind of service won’t be every rider’s cup of char, but it gives peace of mind to many that someone is looking out to make sure they get home safely.

The first month is free and 99p per month thereafter, with no minimum contract.

It’s currently available for Android smartphones and is expected for Apple phones in the near future.

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