New game-changing motorbike GPS on its way from Beeline

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Beeline has announced a simple GPS system for motorbikes.

The funding target for the London-based company's latest Kickstarter project, a motorcycle version of their existing device for bicycles, was met in under 10 hours.

The new version, called Beeline Moto, can now go through final design, manufacture and testing and will be available to the public in February 2019.

The 30mm, round screen displays simple information about your route with a large arrow pointing to the direction of travel like a compass. In order to make the Moto work for motorbikes it includes extra information like distance to your next turn.

The unit connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and boasts a 30hr rechargeable battery life.

Expected to cost just £149, if the Beeline Moto lives up to all the hype it will be a serious contender to the established GPS manufacturers.

Here's a video of the Beeline Moto in action

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