Eyelights launch hands free heads up GPS system

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A French firm called Eyelights have launched a futuristic heads up display system which fits into any helmet. The system connects to your phone and displays your speed and GPS directions but also alerts you to upcoming danger such as sharp bends.


As well as that it can recognise voice commands to play songs from Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube and make or receive phone calls.

The neat system comprises a module that sticks to the side of your helmet and the optical module which fits in your field of vision. There’s also a kit of flat speakers and specially adapted microphones to cope with wind noise. The fasteners will fit in full-face, open face and flip-face helmets.

The component parts of the Eyelights system

The purchase price of £578.26 (initial UK promo price of £445.41) also gets you access to the Eyelights app and any updates that are released.

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