Could this head-up display unit be the future?

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This new super-futuristic head-up display (HUD) unit from San Diego firm, Nuviz is like nothing we've ever seen before.

The new device appears to be lightyears ahead of the current market, combining a camera, sat nav and Bluetooth-enabled headset. 

A HUD unit in essence offers a rider a display that sits in the rider’s field of vision and allows easy access to information without having to look away from the road.

Using a Liquid Crystal On Silicon micro display, Nuviz states the rider is able to read information easy without distracting them from the road ahead. 


Other firms in the industry have hinted to HUDs, each offering a variety of functions.

For example, the Zona system (which is yet to be released) houses a rear-view camera which is displayed in the helmet.

There is also the Bike HUD unit, which MCN tested in 2014. We had some gripes against the unit, however we did give it 3/5 MCN stars.


Here is a picture of our MCNer wearing the Bike HUD...


The Nuviz unit sits externally and fits most full-face lids. It appears to be a real versatile piece of kit, using a wireless controller which you can mount to either the handlebar or tank.

Nuviz HUD display

Bluetooth connectivity

The unit pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can then use the Nuviz app to program a route that is then displayed on the HUD. It can also be used to accept and receive phone calls and also listen to music with the included headset.

One of the most useful features for most riders will be the GPS functionality. However, the unit can also be used to display real-time data such as speed and also speed limit information.

Say cheese

The camera is located at the front of the unit and can be used to capture both 8mp photos and HD 1080p/30fps video with the photos being saved directly to the connected smartphone and video being saved to a micro-SD card.

The price of the Nuviz system is £615 and it is available now. While it might seem like a pretty heft outlay, if all the elements such as the GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and camera all work well, then it actually looks like somewhat of a bargain. 

Is it really the future?

Nuviz HUD display

And though this is new technology, it looks like these systems could become more commonplace in the future. The US firm are currently working on ways of integrating the system in the future for vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

With not only car manufacturers investing time in this technology, the likes of KTM have also jumped on board, meaning the automotive industry is taking this fairly serious.

A Nuviz HUD has just landed in the MCN office so keep an eye out on our reviews page to see how we get on.

For more information and to purchase a Nuviz system, check out the ride NUVIZ website.


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