Make sure you get up to speed on the new test

I did my module 1 at Erith, and got no minors, but I failed by 1 mile an hour!

I could not believe it! Even a speed camera would not detect me travelling 1mph over the speed limit!

They really need to consider scrapping this module 1 as it is a waste of time and is clearly a new scheme to make money.

Did they not think of doing the speed maneoveure in a 40mph zone? Clearly a way to make money off us bikers!

Anyway, I then went back and passed my module 1 with no minors and the main tip is once you pass through the 2 sets of cones and straighten up rev the nuts out of the bike in second gear.

Don't try and put it in third like I did. Good Luck with both your modules - I have my module 2 tomorrow.

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By Bike4Life