FAQ: What to do if you're sold a bike with iffy mileage

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If you've just come home with your latest purchase, a used bike from a dealer, and you discover that the mileage isn't as it was advertised, what can you do about it?

Assuming that you no longer want the motorcycle you can return it to the dealer stating that you wish to reject the motorcycle as the mileage is not as was stated in their advertisement.

The advert was a misrepresentation by them which you relied upon and thus you did not enter into the contract that you thought that you were entering into (you thought that you were purchasing a motorcycle with 2000 miles, instead of 6449 miles).

If the dealer proves to be difficult (which they may be) simply inform them that you have sought legal advice and that you are within your rights to reject the motorcycle in question due to misrepresentation.

If you do not get the response that you wish you can refer the issue to Trading Standards.

It would also be worthwhile taking a copy of the advertisement which states the mileage as 2000 to show them.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott