FAQ: How much trouble can I get in for speeding?

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It¹s very easy to get carried away with your new purchase, regardless of its power levels and capacity.

Even a 125 can go fast enough to get you points on your licence on a country road. Here are the current Association of Chief Police Officers guidelines for speeding punishments:
  Speed Limit (mph)    Fixed Penalty    Summons
  20                                       25                       35
  30                                       35                       50
  40                                       46                       66
  50                                       57                       76
  60                                       68                       86
  70                                       79                       96

The Fixed Penalty is currently £60 and three endorsement points.

If you are Summoned the Magistrates have the discretion to fine you up to £1000, give you from three to 12 points, disqualify you, or even send you off for compulsory re-testing.

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs