Mod 1 test

I sat the Mod 1 test Sept 2009. Yes of course I was nervous, it was a test. However, all went well until the hazard avoidance exercise.

I was too slow on the 1st attempt, 49kmph, so was sent around for another attempt.

I was told by instruction and by other bikers not to look at the speedo as I would know how fast I would be going due to the noise of the bike in 2nd gear.

This was not true. Obviously wanting to past this test and achieve the correct speed, I wound the machine up achieving what I later discovered was 62kmph, however, I hit the outer blue cone, yanked on the front brake and down I went.

Not a pleasent experience. Very painful knees, abdomen and left shoulder, damaging the bike, my clothing and my pride.

This scared me to say the least, however I will sit the test again as I desperately want to past my test and get a larger bike.

I think the DSA should at least erect some form of speed indicator so in order that you dont have to look down at your speed, you know how fast you are going to past the test.

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