New bike dos and don'ts

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When you've got your first bike there are a few add-on dos and don'ts.

Do consider fitting a hugger. It will keep the back of your bike cleaner and looks neat.

Don't just fit any old loud pipe. Quite apart from insurance problems, you could upset the way the engine runs with poor throttle response and misfires, as well as attracting the unwelcome attention of the old bill with fines a plenty.

Look for one that is close to the legal limit, if a bit over it and make sure it is set up right for your bike.

Do consider braided brake lines. Again, they look great and they mean your brakes will function better if the standard hoses are starting to wear, making the lever mushy.

Don't go for a lurid Promac-style custom paint job. Their riders may be your heroes, but a non-standard paintjob narrows down the number of buyers you'll have when you finally come to sell your bike.

Do fit some crash bungs, they could save you thousands. 

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