Tubeless tyres and punctures

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The tubeless tyres that are fitted to the vast majority of bikes these days are more puncture-resistant than tyres with inner tubes and don’t tend to suffer from the rapid deflation that is a characteristic of a tubed tyre when they do pick up a puncture.

This is because the object that pierces the tyre often stays embedded in the rubber and slows the escape of air.

In fact some people ride on punctured tyres for days without realising that they have got a problem, which is a very good reason for checking your tyres regularly for nails or shards of glass.

If you are unlucky to suffer from a puncture in a tubeless tyre the first thing you’ll notice is a vagueness in the handling. If it is a more common rear tyre puncture it will feel like the suspension has softened off and the bike could weave a little.

If it is the front tyre that’s suffered the steering will become imprecise and there will be a more pronounced weave.

If you do suspect a puncture don’t slam on the brakes or swerve towards the kerb as that will unsettle the bike further.

Instead, ease off the throttle, keep your weight back and brake gently to a halt before inspecting both tyres carefully. 

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