Fizing a seized lock

Turning the ignition on with your bike’s key should be such a simple action that will have you winging down the road in seconds. But what do you do if the key won’t turn?

You don’t dare force it for fear of it snapping off in the lock, but you really, really need to get going NOW.

You may need to add some lubrication, and a good lube is pencil lead. Rub the graphite up and down the key several times and that could be enough to ease it so it turns.

If it happens in the winter it could be because some water has frozen in the lock. In this case, gently warming the key with a lighter will allow it to get into the lock.

When you come back from your ride, a quick spray of WD40 will disperse any water left in the lock, and a smear of vaseline over the key will stop any fresh water getting in. 

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