How to use a paddock stand on my own?

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How can I safely use a paddock stand on my own?

“I recently purchased a rear paddock stand for my Honda NC750X. Unfortunately, my wife isn’t confident holding the bike in an upright position for me to then use the paddock stand. In a review of the stand a chap mentioned that he can do it solo, so it must be feasible. Do you have an ‘in-house’ method?” – Bryan Peters, email

Answered by Tony Hoare, MCN’s Consumer Editor

“For total assurance I would use a wheel grab that will support the bike by the front wheel. With it held upright, you’ll have the ideal platform for using the paddock stand.

“When you operate the paddock stand make sure it is pivoting correctly and rolling on its wheels so the front wheel will stay inside the grab. Here’s where to find details of the wheel grab…”

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor