New rider advice: Honda CBR600RR as first bike

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Burqoil: All my friends and work mates are saying that a CBR600RR on a 2004 plate is a bad choice for a first bike. It’s too big and the riding position is too sporty and low and I am a “walking kidney donor” as I’ve just passed my test.

But I’ve already purchased the bike and pick it up next week. I have plenty of road sense as I’m an HGV driver and know I will be OK. I’m not going to die I just need some advice on the CBR as a first bike.

Jdavies123: Well, it’s as fast as you want it to go. Just take it easy. An HGV handles slightly different to an RR!

Andysyzfr1: Don't worry about the bike – it’s always about the rider. The reason most novice riders are in danger on a big bike is coz they think they are Rossi after two weeks of riding. Like jdavies said, the bike is only as fast as you want it to go. And more importantly don’t try to keep up with other riders. That’s the first mistake of any novice.

Kneedownpuppy: I passed my test last year and brought a brand new CBR600RR ’07 and have not looked back since. As everyone has said on here, take your time and learn the bike, I still have not used full throttle on my bike and I’m still here and bike is in one piece. Good luck and happy riding!

StevieR600RR: I bought a brand new 2009 CBR600RR (black/green) two weeks ago as my first bike and I can honestly say that it is absolutely bang on. I use mine every day, and like the others have said, it’s only as fast as you want it to be, but it's also very forgiving.

It has a slightly less aggressive riding position than most supersports, the first couple of days give you a bit of ache, but once your body gets used to it it’s no bother at all, and the steering damper is great. I'm no Rossi, but everyday I get a little bit closer. I say go for it. Safe riding.

I've just finished running it in, but to be honest, I've barely needed to take it past 7000rpm. Maybe I should ride a bit harder…