New rider: questions to ask a seller

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When you’re buying a new bike it’s easy to get carried away with the occasion and just rush to swing your leg over and get riding

 But before you hand over the cash for those lovely keys, there are some essential questions you should ask, in front of a witness ideally.

This is because the Law doesn’t require a seller to reveal sensitive information about whatever it is they are selling UNLESS the buyer ASKS the question.

Only then are they required to give a truthful answer, if they lie, that is “misrepresentation” an offence which will allow you to take them to Court successfully.

1. has it been dropped/crashed? I know a brand-new bike should be blemish-free, but accidents will happen, even rolling across the workshop, and a used bike can hide all sorts of blemishes under a fresh coat of paint and new body panels.

2. Is there any finance owing on the bike? If it is subject to a credit agreement then the finance house could make a claim to title of the bike.

It’s best to get an MCN Bike Check done which will show this up. Knock the Bike Check cost off the sale price.

3. When was it last serviced? A paper trail of receipts is always useful. If there aren’t any, ask yourself why?  

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